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 Hello, Good Reader, I’m Patti Liszkay from Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to my podcast. Though I’ve been writing for more rotations of the sun than I could count on two sets of fingers and toes ― short stories, plays, one ill-fated musical comedy ― I’ve taken my first fling at a novel in “Equal And Opposite Reactions,” a romantic comedy about the chain of events that follows when a newly divorced, financially struggling young mother and a broken-hearted plumber who shows up to fix her broken toilet learn to their shock that they have something strangely in common. “Equal And Opposite Reactions” started out as a short story that was published by First For Women under the title “He Looked Nothing Like Prince Charming.” After its original publication I began expanding (and expanding, and expanding) the story into a novel which, at 113,286 words is, I figure, probably about as finished as it’s going to get. Anyway, that's pretty much what I've been doing with myself for the past couple of decades, along with churning out a repertoire of short stories, one produced play, and my musical comedy, a co-written Western called “The Town Of Hard Times” about a parcel of mail-order brides that gets delivered to the wrong address. We were hoping to hit Broadway but off-off-off Broadway was about as far as we got: In fact "The Town Of Hard Times" had a pretty long run in my living room and the living rooms of my friends with myself, some musical colleagues and my kids' friends from the high school drama department as the cast. Not financially rewarding, yet somehow satisfying and fun while it lasted. I still have copies of the sound track we made. Anybody interested? They're going cheap. Believe me. Thank you good reader, for stopping by. Hope you enjoy my podcast!