Have you ever been laid off, fired or had your position eliminated? Have you ever sensed your job was at risk. Job uncertainty is the new normal. Be prepared. Whether you have lost a job or not, this book will help you manage your career and navigate through today’s insecure workplaces. As Dr. Nancy Koury King reports, twenty-one million people involuntarily lost their jobs in recent years. She spent five years traveling the country and interviewing some of these individuals.

I struggled and needed answers. I wanted to know why? I had to know why. Would the choices made for me determine my destiny? Who would raise me? Where would I go? What would happen to me? Could I ever overcome these circumstances? My life was not perfect, but with FAITH, this girl was able to ACCOMPLISH her DREAM! Dream, Believe, and Achieve.

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Now, King is sharing their stories with you. If you happen to have lost your job as well, King assures you that you are not alone. If you haven’t already, you have the chance now to prepare yourself for the world of job uncertainty. 

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